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Careers in Veterinary Pharmacy

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Veterinary pharmacy is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. Many inquire how to ‘become’ a veterinary pharmacist. There is no one clear answer to this question. Many SVHP members found our careers simply by the “right place- right time” approach, acting upon opportunities that were available in their area. Pharmacy students interested in veterinary pharmacy have some options available. Many pharmacy schools offer didactic electives in veterinary pharmacy, or allow their students to enroll in distance learning for veterinary pharmacy electives offered at other colleges. Many pharmacies in veterinary teaching hospitals offer APPE rotations. A listing of these sites will be available at soon. A limited number of veterinary pharmacy residencies are offered for those seeking extensive post-graduate training.

Many community pharmacists will have occasional opportunities to fill prescriptions for veterinary patients, especially at those pharmacies with a compounding emphasis. SVHP strongly encourages community pharmacists to develop a strong working relationship with local veterinarians in order to better care for veterinary patients. SVHP also advocates that suitable veterinary drug information sources be available at any pharmacy dispensing medications for animals.

Most veterinary-exclusive pharmacy jobs are found at compounding pharmacies, internet-based mail order pharmacies, or positions at veterinary teaching hospitals that are part of veterinary colleges. These large, academic hospitals have resources to employ pharmacists that all but the largest of private veterinary clinics could afford. As there are a limited number of veterinary colleges in the US, and not all employ a pharmacist, anyone truly interested in a career at a veterinary teaching hospital must be willing to relocate across the US whenever or wherever positions become available.

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